Tuesday, March 20, 2007

John Bolton on John Stewart

I am watching Jon Stewart on Comedy Central and his guest is John Bolton and this is super interesting. I may not agree with Mr. Bolton but he is one of the few guests on any show that has survived well. I would say that for once the host did not destroy the guest. Quite unexpected.

Bolton has some interesting views about democracy that basically goes along this line: You vote for a president and hence a way of running the country in other words you should expect the president to replace everyone in the administration with people who agree with him. John Stewart disagrees and thinks that the president should suround himself with people who can question him. It goes on into an interesting and equal discussion.

Interestingly enough this reminds me of the destinction between Denamrk and Sweden. In Sweden the leading party has a history of replacing people in the administration with people of the same political orientation. In Denmark, this is much less common, and usually happens on a smaller scale.

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